Atmospheric Cloud Chamber of the Okanagan


Team at CSA

Mission Goal

We are sending up a cloud chamber on a stratospheric balloon to detect cosmic rays.

Our undergraduate team is from the Okanagan campus of the University of British Columbia.


Cosmic Ray Showers (Source: NASA)

Cosmic Rays

Cosmic rays are high-energy particles originating from the Sun and outside the solar system. Upon impact with the Earth's atmosphere, they produce showers of secondary particles.

The cosmic rays we are interested in:
Electrons, Positrons, Protons, Alpha particles, Muons, Pions.


First cloud chamber

Cloud Chambers

A cloud chamber uses supersaturated vapour to detect particles. Energetic charged particles interact with the gaseous mixture by knocking electrons off gas molecules via electrostatic collisions, this produces a trail of ionized gas which follows the particle's path.

Our Team

Leonardo Caffarello
Project Manager
Javier Perez Tobia
Deputy Manager
Giulia Rossi
Payload R&D
Nolan Koblischke
Payload R&D
Devina Jaiswal
Data Analysis
Hawraa Rashidi
Payload R&D
Garen Goh
Electrical Systems
Payload R&D

Sponsors and Collaborators

Interested students

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